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Editing pages is easy, whether to modify existing information in the page, or to add new information. Navigate to the page you want to change, and click the "Edit" button near the top of the page.

(Hint: Click "Edit" on this page to see how the contents of this page were written!)

The easiest thing to do is just start typing into the edit box, which works just like other edit forms you've used while browsing the web.

To separate text into paragraphs, leaving blank lines between each paragraph. If you have several lines without a break between them, they will be treated as part of a single paragraph.

You can use Cut, Copy and Paste from your browser's Edit menu (or their keyboard equivalents) to move text around, copy it in from other documents, etc.


You can link to another page in this group by enclosing its name in square brackets, e.g. Help. This also allows you to create new pages; just provide the name of the new page, and the page will be automatically created for you. To link to a page in a different forum, preface the page name with the forum's id number or prefix and then a "#" sign. If you need to include square brackets in a page, you'll have to double them up, e.g. [ ]

Link to other web pages by just typing their address, e.g.

Make an email link by prefacing it with "mailto:", e.g.

Fancier Formatting

For bullet lists, start each point with a "*" followed by a space, and then type the entire point on a single line. For numbered lists, start with a "#" instead. Use multiple "*" or "#" for nested lists.

Use four or more dashes alone on a line to create a separator rule. Use a single dash alone to create a line break.

Start and end a heading with three asterisks ("*"), on a single line.

Use three single quotes for bold, or two for italic.

For a block of pre-formatted text, such as a table, where you want the spacing preserved, start and end the block with three "=" signs, on lines by themselves. Use six "=" signs when you don't want any formatting done, including links, bold, etc.


The "Post" button works just like "Edit", but lets you quickly add new material at the bottom of the page. It's perfect for adding your comments to something that somebody else has already written in the page.


You can add an image to the bottom of its page by using the "Add Image" link on the page. This will let you upload an image file (e.g. GIF or JPEG) from your computer. If you then edit the page, you'll see a small tag like "image:1234" in square brackets, marking where the image should be displayed. You can move this tag around to another part of the page to move where the image is located.

Rather than uploading an image from your computer, you can also point to an image stored on another web server. To do this, put the URL to the image after the "image:" instead of the number, e.g. "image:http.../example.gif". Remember to enclose the whole thing in square brackets.

You can also change the size that an image is displayed (e.g. if its a really big image). To change the size, add an "@" sign, the width, an "x", and then the height, to the end of the image tag, right before the closing square bracket. So it might look like "image:1234@320x200".

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