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Adding assignments

If you are creating an assignment for a future due date (not current date) You can check the term dates by clicking an the Term Pull down Upper Right. Each Term is listed with its start and end date. To be counted in a specific term it must fall within those two dates (inclusive). Write down the date before you start adding the assignments (you can not look after you start the assignment page, so you would have to go back and edit)


Grading >> Assignment List >> Create >> Assignment

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Required for all Assignments

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Optional Settings

More Required Settings

New in Power Teacher Pro: Assignments can be assigned to specific Students Only. Use Students Tab to select which students.

Why would I use it:

Billy misses the trip to the Aquarium. The worksheet done at the aquarium is not doable. I would put an exempt mark on that assignment, for Billy. What he was suppose to learn from that trip is still important, so I create a Web Quest assignment for Billy, or anyone who was unable to attend the field trip. I create a Makeup assignment based on the web quest worth the same number of points. But I only assign that assignment to the students who missed the field trip. Billy and His Parents see that he was exempt from the Filed Trip assignment and did not loose points for the field trip, but they see the web quest assignment. In the Description for that assignment I state that this is a make up assignment in the form of a Virtual Field Trip to assess the content that would have been learned on the Field Trip.

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