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Setting Up Category Weighting


  1. You should have edited your Y1, S1, or S2 to Term Weighting already.
  2. You must have created any additional categories that you require (How to Check)

This process is required at Elementary School See Grade Level Team for Specific Courses and Actual Percentages


>> Settings >> Traditional Grade Calculations >>

External Image

Path Continued

Edit Marking Period Pencil on right Side of table >>

External Image

Path Continued

Select Category Weight From Type Pull Down>> Select Category one of pull down options >> + to add Next Category

You will need to repeat this process for each marking period included in your final grade, term weighting.

Click on the edit Pencil to the far right of the dialog box. For the first Term you wish to edit.

add pre configuration image closeup

When all of the Categories you need are in place then adjust the individual weights as desired. It may take a few tries to get them to the proper percentage.

External Image

Example if Tests are 50% , and classwork and Quizzes are form the other two categories at 25% each, then

Click Save When Done

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