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Category Vs Total Point Weighting

This is, in many cases, a question of personal preference, in either case you should make it clear which method you are using when discussing grading with students. This conversation with students is extremely important in Middle and High School. Less so with students and more with Parents in Elementary School. If you are one of several teachers teaching the same course, you should as a department or grade level make a decision about which method you will use. If you have questions about which method to use please discuss it with building administration.

Warning : Some Elementary School Classes are required by administration to use Category Weighting. Please check with your Grade Level Team if you are not sure which classes must use Category Weighting and What Percentages those categories should have.

Total Point Weighting

You might also weight using total points by using 2 points for every question regardless of assignment

Continue to setting total Points Confirming Total Points

Category Weighting

Continue to Category Weighting Setup Category Weighting

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