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SAMR Model

The SAMR Model might provide us with a framework for planning and promoting tech workshops.

External Image

If we can help the staff know where a technology workshop sits in this model, we can help get staff in the right workshops based on

where they think they are.

For example:

Please feel free to comment below...

Posted at Mar 23/2018 02:38PM:
dmorales: After viewing a few videos on SAMR I realized the majority of us are already implementing some form of this model into our everyday teaching whether we realize it or not. This is a 4 level integration of technology into teaching/learning. Each level builds on the one before it with the mindset of maximizing, reflective teaching, student outcomes and student success. S - Same task but function changes. Example is writing an essay but now students are using a Word or Google Document to type. A- Same task but instead of printing out the final product the student can share documents with the teacher or classmates. Feed back is immediate. M- At this stage you redesign the task. Perhaps creating an online quiz verses paper, adding comments to documents, allows for collaboration, the list could go on. R- This stage allows you to redefine and recreate a new task for your lesson.Example:your students need to write a book review. Instead of the "typical" handwritten or printed version, you can have students make a visual presentation using a web tool like Animoto or Prezi incorporating multimedia, a creative model, collaboration and sharing the final product beyond the classroom.

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Page last modified by dmorales Fri Mar 23/2018 14:38
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