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Mimio Lesson 1

Overlay Screen


The Overlay Screen freezes the screen and uses it as a back drop for a clear sheet that is laid over the top.

The clear overlay can be written on and/or Hi-Lited.

Tool can be bought up by using the Lower button on the mimio teach unit.

And selecting Mimio Tools

External Image

When you tap on the overlay tool the lowest right button on the bar, you will here what sound click a camera click and

a green line will surround the screen.

At this point you can "draw" or "Hi-lite" on the page.

The Pen Tools Become active.

External Image

When you click on the Pen or the Hi-Lite tool you can click on the color palate to select an appropriate color.

To get out of the overlay mode can clear the screen you tap on the mouse button lowest left button

This removes the overlay and its green ring around the screen.

You can then use the pen as a mouse to bring up the next example to scroll around or bring up the next page.

External Image

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