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News ELA Set UP

Getting Started with News ELA Pro

Signing Up

Go to Click on Sign in (upper Right)

External Image

At the bottom of thre sign in page click JOIN NOW

Use your school email and a password that works for you.

They will ask if you are a teacher

And What School you work for Be sure to choose the Middle School because this will give you access to News ELA Pro

Use the bottom part and be sure to use your faculty email (

External Image

You will get a verification email

Click the verify address option in the email and it should open a new page on news ela congratulating you on joining.

It should also say that you are connected to NewELA Pro.

Creating Classes

You will have to Manually create classes

Use the button on the LEFT

External Image

Give the new class a name Like Mr V Period 1

Then Select the Grade Level.

External Image

I would next Choose the Class Code Method of inviting the students

Chose the Button on the Right

External Image

The new class code will appear on the Right

This is the class code that the kids will give when joining your class.

External Image

If they already have joined then they can sign in and join the new class.

They will have to sign up just like you did except they choose student.

I recommend that they use a user name similar to Castle Learning acs.LastNameFirstName No Spaces

Use their Student Number as the password with an a in front and a symbol in the back like a123456$

There are a number of help videos under the help link at the top right side of the home page.

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