I have a dream ...

Please post some dreams ...

Posted at Feb 19/2018 08:48AM:
Jessica: Students be able to share their knowledge of content taught through video, audio,and written submissions. Could be implemented like a monthly newsletter to families.

Posted at Feb 19/2018 08:37AM:
Jessica: Recording devices for students who struggle with public speaking. Students would be able to record projects then be able to display their work.

Posted at Feb 19/2018 08:25AM:
Jessica: Accessable resources for educators to use to collaborate on communicating vertical alignment, concept planning, resources, meetings, etc. (OneNote- also can help bring students in through technology if 1:1 or community accessablilty was implemented)

Posted at Feb 19/2018 08:18AM:
Jessica: A student centered interface to promote learning on how to research. Developmentally appropriate resources using pictorial and written cues to identify! (Will post name of resource reference when I can locate it)

Posted at Feb 17/2018 08:00PM:
mark: Use the Comment box to post some very early ideas One Idea per Comment box, as many comment boxes as you need.

Posted at Feb 17/2018 08:10PM:
mark: An Audio studio where kids could come together to do dramatic readings for students who struggle with reading.

Posted at Feb 17/2018 08:11PM:
mark: I want more kids and staff to learn how to use concept mapping to develop deeper understaning of the content they are learning.

Posted at Feb 17/2018 08:13PM:
mark: I want a safe place where kids can "publish" their work for comments, criticism, and support.

Posted at Feb 18/2018 06:35AM:
mark: community computer center for adult and student classes outside of the school day.

Posted at Feb 18/2018 06:38AM:
mark: Creative thinking centers, for curriculum development, equipped with large format multi touch interactive displays.

Posted at Feb 18/2018 06:40AM:
mark: Collaborative computer labs. For teams of 4 to 6 people.

Posted at Feb 18/2018 06:54AM:
mark: Collaborate with the Hoag to provide more computer resources at the library.

Posted at Feb 22/2018 04:14PM:
mark: In internal Pintrest? like space for Albion Staff?

Posted at Feb 22/2018 04:33PM:
mark: Creating a simple way to records lecture for students who are absent from class, especially for those students who are out for an extended period of time.

Posted at Feb 27/2018 11:53AM:
mark: Additional Keyboard (Piano) Lab to expand the music program.

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:49AM:
Joshua: Structure for research help and guidance

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:50AM:
Joshua: Video capture lecture opportunity

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:50AM:
Joshua: Content delivery service (in the vein of Google Classroom or Schoology)

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:50AM:
Joshua: Virtual field trips

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:51AM:
Joshua: Ability to host guest speakers through video conference

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:52AM:
Joshua: Audio studio to produce podcasts or other recorded projects

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:54AM:
Joshua: Ability to differentiate instruction both in terms of content leveling and student self-pacing

Posted at Feb 28/2018 11:59AM:
Joshua: Increased interactivity with the TV monitors (all of the perks of the flat screens + the abilities of a SMARTboard + more)

Posted at Feb 28/2018 12:01PM:
Joshua: Flipped classroom (while keeping in mind the prevalence of lack of student home access)

Posted at Feb 28/2018 12:01PM:
Joshua: eReaders

Posted at Feb 28/2018 12:03PM:
Joshua: Modern collaborative spaces (labs, libraries, etc.)

Posted at Mar 07/2018 11:04AM:
Rachel: music technology lab to record students in piano lab i.e. film scoring projects, songwriting, musical style exploration through garage band; as well as notation software.

Posted at Mar 07/2018 11:04AM:
Rachel: Dedicated science and engineering spaces with robotics and programming opportunities

Posted at Mar 07/2018 11:05AM:
Rachel: data sharing and collaboration software to streamline formative assessment collection, proficiency reports, and rti process

Posted at Mar 07/2018 11:06AM:
Rachel: podcast studio/videography studio for students to create presentations i.e. book talks, poetry reading, and science demonstrations