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What does it mean to publish?

What would a published Math problem Look Like?

What would a published Science Lab Look Like?

What would a published Social studies essay look like?

Where could a publish Assignment be publicly published?

What criteria would be used to decide who gets published?

Who forms the review committee?

Posted at Dec 19/2017 01:09PM:
Mark: I see a Math problem being a page with the original question, a restatement of the problem in the "authors" own words with a description of how to solve, then the solution neatly laid out. Maybe some hints or descriptions of the steps.

Posted at Dec 31/2017 08:53AM:
sandy: in our AP bio class major work is published. The Blackworm lab, Biome Brochure, Cancer project. Some of this is for peer review. All of it is accessible by the public. what I have not done is intentionally invite parents or professionals to view this work. Publishing a lab online would certainly invite more collaboration. Laying out their background information in text, setting up the experimental design in sketch as well as text would be helpful, tables and graphs for the data. i would love a design (a blog?) where others could offer questions/thoughts on each step along the way, allowing for revisions.

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