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Adding Assignment Links

Ensuring that Students get to the site you want them to get to can be done via the grade book.

When you create an assignment you can add a link to a web page in the description Box It is quick and Simple.

Step 1:

Create a new assignment Just like any other assignment

External Image

Step 2:

Next to the assignment Description Box Click the add Link Button

External Image

Step 3:

Copy and Paste the Web Address (URL) from the address bar of the desired web site in to the URL box

The Add a Description in the Link Text Box.

The Description can be the Web Address again or it can be Brief Description of the task. It will appear as a blue link in the assignment list.

Click OK

External Image

Step 4:

After Clicking OK an HTML Link is added to the description BOX

You can add more information or additional Links if more than one web resource is needed for this assignment.

Click SAVE to save the assignment.

Now the Students Part

They Log onto power school at

Using user name of Last name First Name no Spaces

and their Student Number as the password.

This is the same user name and password they use to log onto the computer as themselves.

They will see their grades, when they click on their current marking period grade the assignment list for the marking period appears.

if they have no grades the double hyphen -- will link to assignments

External Image

In the assignment list they will see a blue link on the assignment name.

External Image

Clicking on the link Brings up the description with the Resource Links you added to the assignment.

External Image

Clicking on the link will open the assignment resource putting them exactly where you want the on the internet. (no Fuss No Muss)

External Image

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