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Destiny (Library System Add Patrons

Requires Special Logon to the destiny system (

Patrons are normally added at the beginning of the year by Mass upload additional patrons are added as needed, normally by the Librarian

STEP 1: Determine if the Student is in Power school (If they are not then you can not add them)

Step 2: Search for Student in Destiny

Log onto Destiny Server

Click on Back Office

External Image

Enter Student Number in Search box and Click Search

External Image

If they are there, then their barcode may be incorrect on their ID or they have miss-typed their ID

If they are not there then we can attempt to add a patron by clicking on the Add Patron Button.

The data required for the Add Patron Process is in Power school using the Admin Side

under the Student >> Custom Screen >> Library System

External Image

The add Patron screen is long The Top Half of the screen is general Information

Notice that the Green Boxes all contain the same information the Student Number

Be careful if you copy and paste this number, that you do not pick up any blank spaces before or after the 6 Digit Code

External Image

You can see the student number in the District ID box and the Barcode box. But it is hidden in the password boxes.

The Second part of the form has several default pull downs (wrapped in Blue in screen shot below)

The Homeroom if it is not already set is on the quick lookup screen in power school.

External Image

Remember to hit SAVE when done

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