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Report Card Checklist

Are there Final Grades for the Current Term? How to Check - Are There Final Grades

Are the Grades Whole Numbers Between 0 and 100 ? How to Check - Whole Number Grades

Is term Weighting Turned ON for Y1 or S1/S2 ? How to Check Term Weighting

Is the appropriate Weighting set for the Current Term Total Points or Category ? How to Check Checking Current Term Weighting

Are the Comments set for the Final Grade? How to Check Comments in the right place

Do the final grades seem reasonable? What to Look for? Reasonable Grades

If you Teach MST have you set up Category and Term Weighting according to department Guidelines? How to Check MST Sciecne Gradebook Setup

Have you run the Final Grade and Comment Verification Report ? How to do this It does not have to be printed just reviewed Final Grade and Comment Report

There is no step to send grades we simply run the report cards the day after grades are due. The grades are always do at the end of the next school day after the end of term.

The end of term dates are on the grade setup tab.

The grades are printed from Historical Grades, Grades are transferred from your gradebook to historical the evening on which the grades are due.

Any changes in grades after the day they are due requires you as the teacher to do 2 things, Fix the grades in your gradebook then email guidance with the changes so that they can make the change in historical.

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