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Adding Web Site Link in Gradebook

The Best Place to add a link to you personal class web site is in Power School Gradebook,

in the Course Description. Students see this when they click on their term grade in power school.

Open the Gradebook and Select the Class Content Tab

External Image

On The Class Content Page

In the Description Box Type in a description of your class, include expectations, projects ...

The Use the + Link button To add a link to your personal school web page.

External Image

The Link Add Page Looks like this

External Image

When you click OK the program add the appropriate HTML code for the link.

When a Student Logs in and clicks on the grade in your course they see this...

External Image

You can add descriptions and Links to assignments as well as the course.

At the bottom of the Assignment setup page there is a description box.

Use it to provide additional instructions related to a specific assignment.

See below

External Image

The student will see the information when they click on the assignment when looking at their grades.

When the student clicks on the First Quarter Assignment (see above) they see the description of the course.

This can all be seen by the parents as well.

External Image

You can also include a set of links to resources for the assignment. This can be very useful in keeping the class on task

when they are on the computers in the Library, Lab, or on the Chromebooks.

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