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Bullet Proof Grade Setup for the Middle and High School

This process will ensure that your grade book is bullet proof.

Number one Grading Preferences Top Menu Tools >> Preferences

Grading Tab >> Rounded >> Zero Decimal Places.

External Image

This holds for all classes in your grade book.

Next Grade Setup Tab you must go here for each and every class.

External Image

If you have Semester classes you will see S1 or S2 instead of Y1 but the process is the same.

Double Click on the Y1 (or S1 or S2) At the bottom of the page you will see ...

External Image

Select Term Weights then verify that al the terms have the same weight. R1 can be set to 0

This causes the marking period (report Card) Grades to be Average for the Year or Semester Grade

Go Back to the top and double click on the first marking period of the course (M1 or M5)

External Image

This will bring up the bottom page...

External Image

Set all marking periods to Total Points. They should be total points by default but double check to make sure.

This whole process must be done for each and every class.

The end result is you give grades, anything between 0 and 100 for every assignment. The computer takes the total points accumulated and divides by the total possible point for a final percentage.

If quizzes have less points than tests (say 10pts vs 100pts) then they weight different in the marking period. if the points are all the same out of 100 say, then quizzes weigh the same as tests.

In the end this process will provide accurate and defendable grades in all situations Bullet Proof

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