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ADA Compliance

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to web sites, including those run by government agencies like schools. Therefore we must be certain that our school web sites and by extension, those web sites created by teachers for use by their students meet the guidelines set forth by the ADA Legislation. Basic compliance is relatively straight forward, and should be done Just because It's the Right Thing to DO. The legal obligations are described briefly in this short article from the National Law Review and is in very plain language with very simple examples:

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines aka. WCAG 2.0 Guidelines

These Guidlines are based on four tenants, Web Sites should be for all individuals:

1 Perceivable

2 Operable

3 Understandable

4 Robust

Some of you are certainly aware that computers have a great capacity for "displaying" information in many ways. Special education teacher are often time acutely aware of assistive technologies available to their students. Good web sites are able to allow those assistive technologies to function to their maximum capabilities. For example screen readers allow the blind and those with limited sight, to interact with web content. Web browsers are designed to allow people with limited motor skills to browse the web with only a few buttons. Below are more links about how to make web sites more accessible to people with varying disabilities.

How ADA Applies to Web Sites: from the full document on ADA Compliance:

A amore technical article concerning ada Compliance:

Hardcore WEB-Master Level Perspective on ADA Compliance:

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