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Erie Canal Science Brain Storm

Earth Science

Activity: Choosing the Path of Least Elevation

Given Topographic Maps of the finger Lakes Choose a route for a canal between the southern tips of the five Finger Lakes

Activity: I Spy

Identify and Document (Digitally) various Landscapes As Seen from, the Canal

Activity: Eye in the Sky

For a given Topographic Map of the Erie Canal System Create Google Earth View Image to represent the same 7.5 Minutes

Activity: The Old Swim'in hole

Digitally Document Lakes Ponds and streams that lie within 1 Miles of the Canal

Activity: We are NOT LOST!!!

Maintain the Navigation Log for an Entire 7.5 Minute Topographic map Segment Noting Land Marks and Navigational Aides Along the Way.


Activity: I See You

Collect and Digitally Catalog Life Forms From the Canal and Adjoining Water Ways

Activity: One Fish Two Fish

Catch Document and Release Fish documenting Species, Location Time and Water Conditions, and Bait Information

Activity: I don't Spiders or Snakes

Digitally Document Various Snakes and Reptiles along Erie Canal Tow Path

Activity: Look! Up in the Sky! Its A ...

Capture and Document Digital Images and Sounds of Birds Along the Canal

Activity: Be Very Very Quiet I Hunting ...

Set out and Collect Trail Cameras Along the less active areas of the Canal. Then Document critters "Caught"

Activity : Is this Poison Ivy

Collect and Catalog Plant Life Near the Waters Edge and Below the Surface.



Activity: If She Floats She's a Witch?

Calculate the Maximum Buoyancy of the Boat

Activity Under Pressure

Calculate the Pressure at the bottom of various bodies of water along the Canals Path Where no depth information exists, create a method of determining the depth first.

Activity: Are we there Yet

Calculate the Velocity of the Boat in a Variety of Units Including knots and Arc Seconds Per Hour

Activity: I'm so Attracted to You

Using a topographic map and Magnetic Orienteering Compass Complete a Hike through an uninhabited region of the canal.

Activity: My God! It's full of stars

Document Visible Constellation Planets and Moons of the Night Sky Along the Canal

Activity: I Think we're Falling

Using the Drain Rate of a Lock Calculate the flow down stream of the Lock water

Activity: ... Sonar Contact ... Los Angeles Class

Using Garmin Equipment Create a high Resolution of the Map of the Bottom of the Canal as it flows through a Natural Water way.

Activity: Rain Rain Go Away

Using Weather Radar track a thunderstorm As it crosses New York State

Activity: Video Killed the Radio Star

Use the VHF Marine Radio to Request Lock Through or Bridge Passing


Activity : " I see Eagles"

Blog about the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Activity: Is that dueling banjos I hear?

Explore by kayak one of the connected streams then compare and contrast the natural river portions to the man made sections of the canal.

Activity Adopt a trail

Join a team to pick up trash along the canal trail. Documenting the items and weight of materials picked up.

Activity: Visit to the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Visit the Refuge and write a blog about your experience. Then comment about 3 other blogs.

Activity: Now that's a big bucket of water

Using topographic maps and navigational charts compare and contrast three lakes in direct contact with the canal system.

Math Skills

Activity: Speaking of Cartesian Coordinates

Reviewing the rules concering graphing data, using spread sheets and various coordinate systems

Digital Skills

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