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Vessel Operations

While Underway

  1. Maintain Course And Speed
  2. Look out for Traffic and Object
  3. Call Out Canal Markers
  1. Check Path against Charts
  2. Log Marker Crossing Times
  1. Look out for Objects on the port side and forward of boat
  2. Look out Floating Debris that might foul the props
  1. Look out for Objects on Starboard Side of Boat
  2. Look out for Floating Debris that Might Foul the props
  1. Look out for vessels approaching aft
  2. Look out fir Debris that might have come from our boat
  1. Man line to shore
  2. Connect boat to Shore Power

While docked or Anchored

  1. Maintain a record of all ship exit keys

Exit Keys are given to shipmates who leave the vessel. The Keys represent markers so that all crew can be accounted for will off ship.

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