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Erie Canal Chart Locator

Because there is only one path from Clyde to Tonawanda teh NOAA does not have navigation charts for the western end of the erie. There is a chart for Rochester including a portion of the Navigable end (North) of Genesee River. And a map of the niagra river region that inlcudes Tona wando and the very end of the canal.

Chart Index

01-04 How to Use

05 elevation

06 Champlain Canal

07 Cayuga Seneca Lakes

08 - 10 Cayuga Seneca Detail

11 - Montezuma Wildlife N-S

12 - Over view of 07 - 11

13 - 22 Lower Champlain - Upper Hudson Detail

23 Index to Erie Canal Sheets Lyons East Ward

24 E1 Lyons New York

25 E2 Clyde New York

26 E3

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