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Clearing Firefox Cache

Clearing the Cache removes old stored pages and links from your browsers memory. It is needed sometimes to ensure that only current pages are viewed. We believe this will improve performance of many web based programs.

Step 1: Get to the browser setting page (Short stack Pancake Icon in the top Right)

External Image

Step 2: Click on the History Button in the drop down tab (above)

Step 3: Click on the Center Link Clear Recent History (below)

External Image

Step 4: In the Pop up Windows Set the time range to Everything

and make sure that all of the boxes are checked and then click Clear Now

External Image

Step 5: To prevent the need to do this again you may do the following

Click on the Pancake icon to get to settings

and click on Options

External Image

Step 6: Click on the Privacy Button on the Left Panel

Change the history Pull down from Remember History to Never Remember History

External Image

After you make the change a window will pop up to Restart Firefox which you must do.

After you restart Firefox the page will so Never Remember History and the Clear recent history link in history will be grayed out.

External Image

The history function was designed to speed up browsing pages that you visit frequently. It remembers login information, and preferences for you.

It was important when the internet was slow and static, but as pages become more dynamic and faster , a lot of time is wasted caching pages that

will never be the same again. Preventing you browser from remembering every where its been will normally speed up the Browser Not slow it down.

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