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Needs to be Verified under current software 10/31/2017

Updating Lunch Status from NutriKids Eligibility List


Use Extreme Caution: Please write down the exact date and time that you start this process

If it fails we can attempt to jump the server back in time, if that fails you will know the exact time that you were fired!

Step 1 From Nutrikids Server Program Management Menu Item Free and Redc. Apps Select Lists

Step 2 Select Eligibility Summary

Step 3 Click Next

Step 4 Select Date Range (All should get all students) Use a date range to Find Changes or Additions

Step 5 Select Building and Grade level (I used one building at a time, since the Quick Import does not allow uploading from District office)

Step 6 Click on Preview

Step 7 Click on the Save Button to save as PDF and save to USB drive , repeat for each building

Step 8 Close the Preview and Eject the USB Drive.

Step 9 Open the PDF Eligibility file. and Open a Blank Excel Spread Sheet.

Step 10 Select the First page of data in the PDF and perform a COPY (Ctrl-C) then PASTE (Ctrl-V) in the spreadsheet

Step 11 In Excel Change to the Data Ribbon, and Select Text to Columns using a Space Delimiter to split the data into columns

Step 12 Repeat step 10 until all the data has been copier from the PDF to the Spread Sheet. (The text to columns needs to be done only once)

Step 13 Sort by School this should put all of the records that are off set by additional names at the end of the list

Step 14 Drag the right hand columns starting with the School column to the Left until they line up with the school columns above

(Over write existing data is ok since the name columns will be deleted anyway)

Step 15 Once all of the Eligibility columns line up, delete all columns except Id and Eligibility

Step 16 Create a column Called Lunch Status create formula to fill the column with the First Letter of the Eligibility Column

Step 17 Copy and past over the new column as values only 123 Then Delete the eligibility Column

The spread sheet should now consist of 2 columns ID and LunchStatus

Step 18 Save the spread sheet as a Text (Tab Delineated) File for import into Power school

Step 19 Open Power School Switch to the Appropriate School

Step 20 Click on Special Functions in the Left Panel

Step 21 Click on Importing and Exporting

Step 22 Click on Quick Import

Step 22 Pull Down the Students Table

Step 23 Click on Browse and Locate the Import File

Step 24 Check the Suggest Field Map box and Click Import

Step 25 Perform the Field Map to Student_Number and Lunch Status

Step 26 Check the Box to Ignore the First Row

Step 27 Click on the radio Button to UPDATE matching Student Number Fields

Step 29 Click Continue and Wait for the error Report.

The Error Student not in this Building normally indicates a student who has been moved to Out of District Placement (ODP)

Repeat process for each Building

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Page last modified by mark Tue Oct 31/2017 08:25
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