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Topic for Discussion:  Google Chrome Books

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Posted at Nov 21/2016 11:14AM:
Daggs: I have had a classroom set of Chrome Books for the last three years. I love having them in the class and we do our projects on these books. I like the fact that Google allows students to share documents and that when they share with me I do not have a pile of papers. I like that Google saves the work often with out asking. This has been very helpful to the students and no more lost work. The one down side is the fact that the network sometimes is hard to get into and will kick the students off and they will need to reenter, this takes up time.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 12:25PM:
mpeterson: Mr Veltz also uses the Chrome Books regularly in his lessons. Anyone who logs in here should see Shelly or Alex about the benefits of this technology.

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