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The Google Community is a Google + tool. It can be used to post messages to group members and update what homework there is. By posting suggested video lessons to watch it helps students to better understand classroom topics. The tool was wonderful to keep absent students up to date on concepts. Students sign up to join the community.

Posted at Nov 21/2016 11:05AM:
Daggs: I have a Google Community for both my Calculus and Statistics classes. I use it mostly to post video lessons to help students better understand the complicated topics in these college level courses. I also post homework and reminders. It is easy for me to use and quick.

Posted at Dec 22/2016 02:20PM:
ssampson: I tried a Google Community, but I couldn't get the kids to actually go CHECK IT, even when email notifications were sent that something was posted. I think I will have to design a situation in which the kids have to respond to posts in the community for course credit to get them to use it.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 12:19PM:
mpeterson: I've heard stories both ways about using the many features of Google. When it works it is a very dynamic way to interact with your classes.

Posted at Jun 14/2017 02:22PM:
rbieler: Google Communities worked very well for several of my classes. It was helpful for communication between students when working on projects, and we used it as a forum for discussion. In fact one class was assigned to post articles and comment on those posted by others. This was hard to manage sometimes, but it was a positive experience.

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