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Document Cameras

What are they?

Document Camera is a device that allow you to display a page or object on your large screen display from your computer.

We currently have two different types The Epson DC-06 Which is a compact simple Camera That works best for displaying single sheets, like kids homework.

The Other is the Epson DC-21 which is a large format camera, Bought originally to meet the science department need so "shoot" down the eye piece of a microscope. The

DC-21 takes up more space but can be used in place of an Overhead projector, allowing teachers to work under the camera on documents, Demonstrating paper and pencil or Calculator Techniques.


The DC-06 is no longer available but a New Model the DC-07 will be available later this spring.

If you wish to try one please contact the Help Desk and we will put your name on the list.

If you have one Please Post how you are using the tool and what your thoughts on how it might be used to improve instruction.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 09:52AM:
mfahy: I have been using the document camera in my classroom for the past couple of weeks. I have seen that it works depending on the class. For my older students (10th grade) they enjoy me not blocking their view of the board. I will still get up move around and allow them to work within their groups, but examples work will be shown on the doc. cam.. I have also used the camera to allow students to show their work. My 9th grade crew falls into a low and doesn't work to hard when I am not moving around and interacting directly with the students. They would rather learn from me teaching at the board!

Posted at Jan 25/2017 10:20AM:
sidari: I agree with Mike. It is beneficial for some kids that don't need constant prompting to stay on task. I like it for the kids who will actually follow along when I am not in front of them :)

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