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Has anyone used these?  If so, are they on the district "approved" list.  Would you please share your experience with me about them.  

Posted at Nov 17/2016 04:57PM:
Mark: The edmodo privacy page states that children under age 18 require parental permission to Join. Think about using a permission slip process before having kids sign up. The next question is how do you get information to students who do not get parental permission. You may be asked about such decisions. The district does not have a board approved list of web tools. You are on your own, but using some common sense and reading carefully all privacy documentation should protect you. IN all cases do not create student accounts yourself. Students would have to opt in to create their own accounts and you can not force then to participate in online activities.

Posted at Nov 17/2016 04:59PM:
Mark: I am interested to see if anyone is using either of these products. I think Ms. Wemmer tried edmode briefly but opted for google hang outs instead I think.

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