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The document camera finally replaced the overhead projector and often, scanner, for me. We use it almost daily in class to project images of book pages and worksheets onto the TV so that the whole class can view the page together. Really helpful to show kids annotating in action, to demonstrate editing and drafting, etc.

Even nicer is that you can capture an image from the document camera and save it to a web site or just as a file.

Posted at Nov 10/2016 07:35AM:
Hall: I tried the document camera for a couple lessons, and it's really convenient. I like to show examples on the same sheet that the student's have through the camera so they know exactly what I'm looking for.

Posted at Nov 21/2016 10:57AM:
Daggs: I just started using the document camera and love it. In mathematics we have many pictures which are hard to produce and this document camera allows me to show them and to save them to add to other worksheets. The nicest feature is that I can sit at the front table viewing the class and work on the same worksheet as the students and they can see what I am doing and I can see them. I don't think I will miss my overhead.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 10:53AM:
asentiff: Use it to show examples of problems and other project helps.

Posted at Jan 06/2017 01:54PM:
cborner: I had an older camera that I used in biology to show written procedures and student work as well as views through the microscope but these new document cameras are awesome! The focus is much better and it has a zoom as well as the ability to take a snapshots. And there's more! I just have to learn about it!

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