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Find Pages is a website that allows students to respond to a question using ther cell phones.  You create the question (can be in any format-multiple choice, t/f, open-ended etc.) and students text a code that corresponds to their answer.  Answers are collected (and shown) in real time and can be displayed for the class in a variety of formats. 

Possible uses:

Starting class-Putting a regents question on the tv and have students respond-By seeing the repsonses immediately you can easily identify misconceptions and ideas/words students are having trouble with and address them.

Use as a closer- Same idea

Use for a discussion/debate starter- Pose a controversial question and see students reactions- its nice because its anonymous so there is no fear of having an unpopular position

Posted at Nov 17/2016 04:41PM:
Mark: The web site has a great video introduction.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 12:27PM:
mpeterson: Mr. Brooks used a similar site in a lesson I observed. A great way to engage the class (and they really get into it).

Posted at Dec 23/2016 01:36PM:
veltz: This allows students to use their cell phones in class (which they love). You can create word webs, takes polls, and do many other activities.

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