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Posted by NICHOLS:


This equipment empowers a traditional low profile camera device with smart imaging technology in order to analyze spatial 3D relationships for accurate recognition and replication. 

It is a wonderful addition to the Visual Arts environment as students are able to accurately follow step-by-step in the process of creation while watching the television screen.  The camera is mobile to a certain degree as it needs to be connected to a computer and the proper software downloaded.  There is an option to record and edit footage as well.  This photography/videography accurately captures anything the camera detects.  This device could be used for any classroom needing to magnify an intricate process for a group to see; i.e.:  dissections, culinary processes, drawing and painting techniques etc.<o:p></o:p>

Posted at Nov 17/2016 <g>04:17PM</g>:
Mark: This device is a <g>web cam</g> on a stick. The Link is here

I have a couple of these devices in Tech Support To loan out.

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