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PASCO SparkVue


What is it ?

An software program used to collect scientific data. The software can run on the PASCO tablet, a chromebook, iPhone, Android device, or a PC (windows or mac).

The software must be used in conjunction with the PASCO spark link, a hardware box that various probes (sensors) plug into.

What it Ain't

The students must design their own lab and collect data, this is not a "virtual lab."

You can not use a network drive as your drop box folder on school computers. It must exist on the c: drive.

How do I get Started ?

See a member of the science department if you want to borrow the equipment.

Teacher Reflections:

Ben DeJonge - I've used this technology numerous times in my physics class, each time it gets easier for the students to use. I feel this is a good upgrade from the older PASCO "black boxes" and has great potential for the MST curriculum.

Posted at Nov 07/2016 03:20PM:
wickman: Sparkvue is a great data collections tool. The most difficult part is the unfamiliarity. Once we have had this tool for a year or two, we will most likely use them more and more. Right now, I have used them twice and there was no small amount of frustration involved while I made my mistakes. Some time wasting occurs while we navigate the learning curve and that too is distressing. I will keep using this and as we get more confident, it will become more valuable to us.

Posted at Nov 10/2016 03:36PM:
Cborner: I used the pH probes as an enhancement to our pH lab. Now students progress from a simple acid/base test with litmus paper; to a loosely quantitative test using wide-range pH paper to acquire a pH value to the nearest whole number; to a highly quantitative test using digital PASCO pH probes to acquire a pH value to the nearest hundredth.

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