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Changes [Oct 01, 2018]

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SAM Class Install
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Changes [Oct 01, 2018]: Switches, Resource Link Page, Home, SAM Class Install, ... MORE

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Before we commit we need to take a long hard look at the current site, there is no sense in transferring a non functional site to new hosting solution.

All Documents, Links and IMages Need to Be evaluated. The Current Site need to be stripped to its essentials before migration.

Below are the site in our current search, I have some proposals in hand, other I have meetings with.

As I get more information I will post it here.

Campus Suite Strong ADA Compliance.

School In Sites Can provide on site training but it is the most expensive of the options

Cyber Schools

School Wires Just acquired by BlackBoard


Edlio Beautiful designs but time intensive design process, minimal ADA Compliance.

School Messenger Tight integration with their own emergency messaging service.

School Point

eSchool View

Final Site

SchoolWebMasters Not Suitable for our purposes...

Current Web Site Information

File Type - Number of Files

Note : About Half of the PDF Documents will become HTML Documents in the new web site so that the pages can be
updated by the appropriate person. Also the current method for generating board packets and summaries does not lead to an ADA compliant document.
The procedure can be modified to rectify the situation but it will require the use of digital signatures. And a different process of handling cards and correspondences.

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