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Adding to Tech Reflection

These are the steps to add you own tech reflection Page.

Please note that if the technology page already exists just comment on the existing page. Use this process only to add a brand New technology Page.

The Start Page Click on the Group Button to get started.

External Image

The Tech Reflection Button is now at the top of the forum. for easy access. It will be Blue if this is your first visit to the page.

External Image

You need to be on the Tech Reflection home page to make sure that you new page starts in the correct place.

Use the New Page button to start a new technology resource...

External Image

If this is the first time since you opened the browser, you will have to log in before you can create a page.

If you close the browser you will have to re-login.

Any Name can be used but it would be helpful if you used something like Vanacore-Sciecne

External Image

You only get one chance to name the page it can not be edited after you click CREATE. So get it right !!!

External Image

The Edit page is pretty sparse. This tool is really just for text. The images you see on my help pages are stored on the web server

Since you guys don't have access to the web server I don't recommend trying to add images.

External Image

There are some basic section we would like you to be sure to add...

External Image

When Done Click the Save Button '' resist the urge to use the forward and back button in the browser. Use the Links in the upper right.

External Image

Your page appears at the bottom of the Tech Reflection page.

External Image

Geometer's Sketch Pad

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