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Cmap Tools

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What is it

Cmap tools is an open source free for educational use Concept Mapping tool. It is different from Inspiration / Kidspiration, it has some different features but fewer bells and whistles than Inspiration.

It is for serious Concept Mapping using the Novak and Gowin Model, Based on "Learning How to Learn" (1984) Cambridge Press. From Amazon

What it is not

This tool uses a very specific model and does not lend itself to modification for other purposes in the way Inspiration does. It is a very powerful tool once you get used to it. It does not do loose association mind maps, it requires linking proposition.

Getting Started

The Program needs to be downloaded and installed. If the home folder is set correctly you can link the concept maps between home and school though drop box.

Teacher Reflections

Posted at Oct 01/2016 01:53PM:
mark: As many of you know I am a fanatic about concept mapping, I use concept mapping extensively on all projects and prior to nearly all writing tasks, to organize my thoughts and widen my perspective. I would be glad to provide help if you would like to try out this tool.

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Page last modified by mark Mon Oct 03/2016 10:42
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