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What is it?

FREE educational videos designed to promote critical thinking skills and respectful debate among students.

 Each teaching unit include a variety of teacher resources, with full teacher's guides that include free worksheets, lesson ideas, discussion questions, and more.

  They also offer free daily Current Event Articles which include discussion questions and vocabulary words.

All videos are aligned with Educational Standards.

Accounts are FREE!!!

What it's not?

It is not a replacement for classroom instruction.

How do I get started?

Access the website and create an educators account. You will have accces to all the FREE resources as well as Current Event articles.

Teacher Reflection

A great resources for streaming videos, accesses current event articles that enhance vocbulary aligned with standards. No need to set up student accounts.  Articles are updated daily and include readbility scores along with article source. Print friendly version is available. Very user friendly and the site is easy to navigate.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 12:54PM:
Dambra: I use Izzit for current events lessons. They add two stories every day and add vocab and comprehension questions that can be used for discussion.

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Page last modified by Dambra Fri Dec 23/2016 12:54
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