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Epson DC 21 Intro

The DC-Requires More Desk Space than the DC-06

About the Size of a Desk Calendar

External Image

The Unit has 2 typical inputs Power and USB. The Location must be with in 4ft of the Computer for USB and Near an Outlet.

External Image

The Unit is oriented so that the buttons can be read from the stage area see below

External Image

The Head can be rotated and lifted above the "stage"

External Image

Here is a 8 1/2 x 11 Note Pad on the Stage As seen from the Camera at no Zoom.

External Image

The Camera has a zoom Button that zooms in on the Stage

External Image

There is a Microscope Adapter ring that can be used to view through a Microscope. The typical orientation is shown below.

note: The "foot print" is still about the size of a desk calendar. But this may very depending on the microscope used. It is also difficult to set up at first, and will take some time to learn.

It is not just point and shoot !!!

Also Note that the microscope is turned 180 degrees from it normal operating orientation.

The Document Camera's ability to shoot down the eye piece of a microscope is quite limited. The Light source seems to be way to bright for the camera.

The field of view is tiny and the built in focus seem to catch dust better than the specimen on the slide.

External Image

External Image

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