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What is it?

instaGrok is an innovative educational search engine that combines sophisticated semantic technology with an interactive user interface to make learning more engaging, personalized and fun for everyone. An interactive research tool that includes concept maps  featuring key facts, websites, videos, images, and note taking.  Teachers use instaGrok to engage students in self-directed learning, foster their curiosity, and help them develop critical research and digital literacy skills. The core research functionality is 100% free, and no registration is required. But for educators who want more, we offer instaGrok Classroom.  Up to 200 students can connect to each teacher. (Librarian accounts enable 800 students to connect.)

Educator dashboard will give you insigt into your students' research: you cab see what they are  investigating, how much time they are spending on thier research and what they are writing in their journals. You cna give them assignments to provide guidance in their research and review thier bibliographies.

What it's not?

A replacement for research skills or evaluation practices.

How do I get started?

Simply access instaGrok through the link provided and start searching. Navaigation is very simple and easy.

Teacher Reflection

instaGrok does offer a FREE version that has been used with students taking MST. Great resource for those hard to find toipcs. Great tool for web evaluation practices as it has built in criteria and questions. This has proven to be a great resource. You can set-up a clasroom once you create an eduactor account (FREE for 90 days), receive your educator code and start assigning articles. 

Students can explore, understand and collect evidience to support search queries.

Posted at Dec 13/2016 03:15PM:
jalbertson: Instagrok has proven very useful for those students who have a hard time filtering through all the information in some other sites. The hierarchy helps limit what kind of information they are searching for.

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