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What is it?

This is a large collection of non fiction titles in web and epub formats. These are available 24x7 with no restriction as to the number of copies that can be open at the same time.

They could be used as independent reading, or used during whole group instruction. The program also support individual page printing.

Below are the subject areas included in the collection. The number indicates the number of titles available in that collection.

What it's not?

The Literature Collection is based on public domain titles so it will not have current best sellers.

How do I get started?

Follow the link from School Computers or

Use the Link Above for off campus.

Username and password is albion if prompted (required for off campus use only)

Teacher Reflection

Posted at Oct 19/2016 12:56PM:
mark: I have reviewed a number of titles in this collection. the quality is excellent. It is a solid collection of non fiction materials. We put just put over 5000 books in every kids house with an internet connection. We just have to tell them it is there.

Posted at Nov 17/2016 04:24PM:
Mark: I have been asked if these books are Lexiled, I do not believe so but they have been collection is designed for Middle and High School use, and there are titles appropriate for grades 5 - 12, depending on the specific topic being reviewed.

Posted at Jan 06/2017 02:09PM:
cborner: As my MST students search for reliable resources, many of them find useful information in ebooks. I'm so glad this is available to them.

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Page last modified by cborner Fri Jan 06/2017 14:09
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