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The accessible, curriculum-based content is presented in a variety of engaging, interactive formats-including articles and essays, videos and animations, photographs and illustrations, cartoons, primary sources, maps and charts, timelines, news articles, experiments and diagrams, and more. Special features such as Editor's Selections of the Month, high-interest topic spotlights, and Learning Centers featuring editorially selected entries call out interesting and important content and provide excellent starting points for research. The videos, animations, images, and other visual media bring the subject matter to life and will engage even reluctant learners.

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Posted at Dec 16/2016 09:57AM:
kakers: I have used the Facts on File often when dealing with current issues/controversies. I have founded it to be a useful. Students are able to gather credible sources of information on numerous issues.

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Page last modified by kakers Fri Dec 16/2016 09:57
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