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What is it?

One Search is part of our Destiny Library Catalog Digital Content. By combining One Search into Destiny Library students have access to essential online resources and support district goals for improving information literacy.  One Search allows patrons, both students and teachers to search muiltiple resources, beyond the libraries collection online FREE and simultaneously. Databses and websites that are a part of Destiny's One Search have been vetted and approved based on content,currency and credibility. OneSearch is a good starting point for your research. It can be used when you are looking for a variety of resources on a topic or when you are searching for a subject that's harder to find. It is great for discovery and exploration of a topic!

What it's not?

One Search does not replace any classroom instruction but can be used as an altenative search tool. OneSearch does not cover all the databases to which the Library subscribes. Certain databases are not indexed within OneSearch so you should always search them separately.

How do I get started?

Students must be logged onto Destiny Library. Begin by conducting a search within the catalog by entering a topic or search query.  Results will display print (titles) and One Search Tab.  Open Tab, a circling pencil will  generate a search for online resources that are a part of  the One Search  bank of resources, click Get Results. One Search will display all online resources connected to that specific search topic.

Teacher Reflection

This has been a great teaching tool and jump off point for students when conducting research tied to those hard to find topics aligned with authenticated resources.   

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