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LibriVox - Free Public Domain Audio Books


What it is

These are volunteer readers reading books that are in the public domain. The books can be listened to on the web. or downloaded as MP3 files.

They are read by volunteers are not as polished as you might expect a modern audio book.

Some Books are read by teams of volunteers with a different person reading each chapter.

Some books are read as a dramatization with teams.

Great "reading" source for outside "reading"

What it is not

These are not current books, these are Public Domain (prior to 1933 approx. )

Some of the vocabulary will be quite foreign to many students.

Getting Started

No account is required just go to the page and start looking. Click on Catalog, and Then I suggest searching the categories. To get a feel for what is available.

Teacher reflections below:

Posted at Sep 29/2016 02:17PM:
mark: I have listened to many books Including The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu (Sax Rohmer), Tarzan (Edgar Rice Burroughs), The Princess of Mars. (Edgar Rice Burroughs), and many more. Downloaded then added to my iPod nano. Creting an Audio Book might make a great class project.

Posted at Jan 17/2017 11:21AM:
kspierdowis: This is a good to use for students with reading problems. They can follow along with the reader(s). It is not good if the reader does not read all the text or adlibs. You need to preview the readings to be sure they are the way you want your students to hear the text.

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Page last modified by kspierdowis Tue Jan 17/2017 11:21
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