Drop Box

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/

What is it ?

An online storage site that can be used to hold and share documents with students and others.

What it Ain't

It is not a personal web site, it is a series of folders to hold documents only.

You can not use a network drive as your drop box folder on school computers. It must exist on the c: drive.

How do I get Started ?

You need to sign up. then setup the drop box sync on each machine that you use.

Teacher Reflections:

Posted at Oct 02/2016 12:47PM:
mark: I Use dropbox specifically to link my cmap tools folder between school and home, because you never know when a good idea is going to come to you.

Posted at Nov 07/2016 09:40AM:
mpeterson: I use Drop Box to store files and folders and I share those folders with people I choose. We use it in our golf league to share photos and statistical Excel spreadsheets

Posted at Nov 07/2016 03:42PM:
Climenhaga: I would be lost without my dropbox. It is installed on my phone, home tablet and computer. I also have it installed on my school computers. The ease of access is perfect. If I have internet then I can access my dropbox. Sharing is easy but I have encouraged students to use Google drive for there documents.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 12:16PM:
parisi: I have been experimenting with a drop box to store work that students have missed. For example I have been scanning things that are not normally in a digital format, and creating a more digital approach for students with attendance issues.