Kahn Academy

I have recommended Khan Academy to students for reinforcement of lessons taught in class and if a student misses class, the videos are great for them to watch to help them learn the material that was missed.  As of right now, I have one student who uses it weekly to help her reinforce what she is learning in class.

Link: https://www.khanacademy.org/

What is it ?

Khan is a free web site filled with teaching videos on mathematics and other areas of education. A link to the video can be added directly to an assignment in power teacher grade book.

What it Ain't

Khan is not a complete course but a topic by topic set of videos. Click on the Subject button in the upper left to see a complete list. If it is not on the list it ain't there.

These are not a substitute for teacher led instruction, I think it can provide another perspective on the topic.

How do I get Started?

Go to the site and look around. Watch a few and recommend them to students.

Teacher reflections

Posted at Nov 07/2016 03:38PM:
Climenhaga: Thses videos are mini lectures. I assign the pertinent videos for my AP content and link it on my wiki page. Students that are visual learners like Kahn because they can pause, draw it themselves and replay the important segments. videos are usually 10-15 minutes depending on the topic. I use it for AP bio but there are lessons for math and history as well as science.

Posted at Nov 21/2016 11:00AM:
Daggs: Khan academy is wonderful for Calculus and Statistics and for reviewing other math content that students may have forgotten. There are many topics covered and many times students start with one video and then just keep watching. I can post a suggested video on the Google community page for them as needed.

Posted at Dec 16/2016 09:01AM:
sidari: I have tried to use this with Algebra I. It has wonderful material and videos. I have mostly used it for kids that missed instruction and needed to see problems worked out.

Posted at Dec 20/2016 08:25AM:
Newton: I have recommended Khan Academy to my students for reinforcement of the material taught in class, and also for a student that is absent from class the video lessons are a great way for them to learn the material that was missed. I have one student right now that uses it weekly to help her feel more confident with the material that she is learning.