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News ELA


What is it ?

A Common Core Literacy tool that enables students to read closely, think critically by engaing the reader. NewsELA is an innovative way for students to build comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant. Articles are written at multiple levels of text complexity and quizzes are provided for comprehension. Articles are aligned to Common Core Literacy Standards.

What is it not?

NewsELA is not a replacement for instruction.

How do I get Started?

Access the NewsELA site. Create an Educator Classroom. You will be assigned a Class Code for each classroom you create. You can either create the classroom or provide your students with the code and they can join the classroom. Once classroom is created you can assign articles, track progress, monitor reading, and quizzes.

Teacher Reflections :
An innovative tool for delivering high-interest, cross-curricular nonfiction texts to students with high-interest news articles are updated daily.The inclusion of adjustable Lexile levels for every text (and quiz) is a significant feat and gives NewsELA a considerable leg up against competitors that offer more static nonfiction reading instruction. The customized quizzes and structured writing prompts paired with each leveled text are an asset to teachers and students. These assessment features offer a rich, flexible way for students to demonstrate what they've learned, to practice their close reading skills, and to use their writing to analyze and discuss what they've read.

Posted at Oct 04/2016 12:34PM: This does allow for all students to get the same information, but at their reading levels.

Posted at Nov 17/2016 04:21PM:
Mark: We are looking at investing in the pro version of this product which would give teachers access to quizzes about the article that kids could do online to check for comprehension. We are also looking into purchasing the Spanish version to assist in ELL support in the classroom.

Posted at Dec 19/2016 02:40PM:
nwickman: I used this to get students to choose articles that interested them to get the students to read and pick out main ideas. Unfortunately, it is no longer available to the school population other than as a trial. However, I can still get articles for my class.

Posted at Jan 27/2017 07:08AM:
winans: I use this to allow my students to read a current event article at their personal reading level.

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Page last modified by winans Fri Jan 27/2017 07:08
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