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Castle Learning

I have used castle learning to help create graded assignments for my students to complete.  These assignments help them spiral back to previous topics and review for their regents exam.  I really like how you can narrow down questions based on difficulty levels.

What is it

Castle Learning is an online testing tool. It was originally designed to help get kids ready for NYS science regents exams.

It has since been expanded to include all areas of testing. Tests can be taken from any place with an internet connection. Classroom, Computer Labs, Home.

There are several testing modes some of which supply the user with detailed explanations of wrong answers.

It can also be used to create custom test content.

What it is not

It is not a teaching tool although it can be used to identify gaps and assist in providing explanations. Once students learn the system they can create their own tests using random questions.

How Do I get Started

Contact Help Desk for Username and Password information

Online help guides are available as well as help for tech support and other users.

reflections from users.

Posted at Sep 28/2016 01:19PM:
mark: I have used it in Earth Science, Physics and AP Physics. It is a great way to expose kids to a wide range of questions in a given topic. Not all topics and subjects are covered but it is possible to create customs questions. We can get a trainer in from the company if we can get enough people interested.

Posted at Sep 29/2016 01:17PM:
mpeterson: I have used this for review. You can assign specific assignments and track student progress. In addition to this, students can review independently and the site provides feedback when students get answers wrong.

Posted at Nov 08/2016 07:36AM:
Holman: Used to support novel reading in Read180 - helped to guide comprehension questions.

Posted at Nov 08/2016 10:49AM:
Parisi: My students benefit from being able to use this site anywhere, not just at school.

Posted at Nov 10/2016 07:32AM:
asentiff: I use Castle learning for review for exams and practice. The site has many new student study components and interactive questions now.

Posted at Nov 14/2016 01:37PM:
sidari: I have used Castle Learning in the past for graded assignments/spiral activities. This year I have so many students in learning labs that I have been using it as a place to post extra practice/support for the kids that need it.

Posted at Nov 21/2016 11:07AM:
Daggs: I like using Castle Learning to supplement my learning labs math work. I have also used it for graded assignments for foundations and Algebra classes.

Posted at Dec 13/2016 03:13PM:
jalbertson:I use it as a study activity for Earth Science, it's great review for their unit exams. I also love that they can access it at home and create their own study sessions.

Posted at Dec 19/2016 02:36PM:
nwickman:Castle learning can be used to review for exams, give make up quizzes, have students who need extra practice on a topic create their own assignments. It is a neat tool that works better for some than others. Those that take the time to read the explanations typically get more out of this site.

Posted at Dec 23/2016 12:53PM:
Dambra: Castle Learning is a great resource for Learning Lab. It can be tailored to meet specific needs..

Posted at Jun 16/2017 02:42PM:
cowen: I am appreciative of my projector with the stylus which allows me to turn my white board into a smartboard. It really allows for quicker and easier transitions between whole group instruction and classroom practice. I am glad that it gives me the option to use my dry erase markers as I display content and I can also use the full technology mode as well. The document reader is also a life saver so that transparencies will never have to be made again! The fact that you can zoom in, adjust contrast, etc. in a user friendly way helps me deliver content (and prepare it) in the most efficient way. NO time is wasted. With these two things, presentation of content is fun, effective, and almost effortless.

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