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New Phone FAQ's

I Forgot my access code number what do I do?

Contact the help desk by email and we will reset your pin to the current date and provide information on how to change it.

Question: How do I Make a Call from a classroom phone ?

class room phones: Dial 9 Dial the Number. Office phone: use as normal

Question: Can the Old Office phones transfer calls to teacher rooms?

The office can transfer calls to teachers voicemail.

Question: Are these calls recorded or archived?

We do not record calls at this point in time. The system has limited log information but we are working with a 3rd party vender to be able to log calls that are made from the system, this would allows us to keep a record of the numbers dialed out of the system. we could then verify for example that you tried to call a parent on a certain day.

Question: Is the voice mail system backed up?

At the present time the system configuration is mirrored on another hard drive so the system is backed up. The voice mail boxes are not mirrored. So if the drive holding them crashed then the voicemails would be lost.

Other questions....

Please email the help desk with all phone questions and we will send you the appropriate instructions, solutions or answers.

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