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Exporting Stored Grades

From the Start Page in Power School select the System Item from the Left Panel

External Image

From the System Administrator Page select the DDE Option under Data Management

External Image

What is DDE?

DDE gives you access to most of the data tables in power school. You have to select the correct table them

get filter down to the desired data. The tables hold all data since the program was started.

The first time you search you must user search all

If a second filter is required use the Search Within to further narrow the search.

External Image

External Image

Copy and Paste this list of terms into the fields section of the page

these will become default so you only have to do it once unless you change fields


External Image

External Image

External Image

After the Sort, Hide Columns that are not needed

External Image

At this point the required fields should be copied and pasted into the final excel sheet to that the data can be calculated from the real data


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