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iRead Support Page

Information from our Visit form iRead Support

Login Change:

The Login Screen has been moved back one click. The screen Looks Like this

External Image

Reason for Change:

The iRead Program makes several browser modifications on clicking the iRead Button above. These include opening a menu-less window to run the program.

This should help prevent the kids from opening multiple active windows.

It also clears the local multimedia cache which should improve performance for the next child the logs on.

* Added unblock domains to filter

Reason: This should improve the connection rate between local workstation and the Sam Server that the kids log into.

* Altered the antivirus configuration on the local media server. (SMA)

Reason : This should speed up the download of larger files. Like Books.

* Scheduled weekly server restart

Reason: Some servers churn for months and months without a restart, others are more fiddly, and require more attention.

it appears that the SMA is one of these servers. This should improve performance.

** Unresolved: slow book loads.

Reason: it is unclear why some books take longer to download than others. We observed some "long" downloads.

"long" was more than 5 seconds but well under a minute. This seems like an eternity compared to some interactions but it

does have to download a high definition interactive page for every books. I am not certain that some of these book files

are excessively large. The books also download completely into memory on the machine before they begin.

** Unresolved: the layout of the files on the server does not make it possible to repair a damaged file individually.

Reason: This is due to copyright protection I think. The files seem to be encrypted on the cache. this is a serious flaw in the design I think.

We may have a few damaged files on our server. The solution is to set up a "slow build" of the cache. This would mean some

Poor performance over the short term and enhanced performance over the long. We will let you know if this solutions will be undertaken, before we attempt it.

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