Transfers of Student from one section to another section in the same year

If a child is moved from one section to another section with the same teacher. Moved from English period 1 to English Period 3 for example.

Grades do not transfer with the student. You must manually move the assignment grades in your gradebook.

The process is not too difficult. The first step is getting the grades in a paper format. To print the old grades...

Step one go to the class from which the student dropped and select the child. See diagram below.

External Image

Once the child is selected you can go to the Reports tab.

see below : (Verify the settings in the red boxes)

Click on run report and print it. You should then have all of the grades ready to reenter into the new grade book.

External Image

The gradebook will recalculate the marking period grades so that the final year end grade will be correct.

MV 11/2015