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Storia 2015 Class Set up and Student Login



Please note that Setting Up storia has three parts

  1. Creating or Editing a Class
  2. Adding Students to the Class
  3. Getting the Kids Logged in.

Log In Link right click and choose open in a new tab to keep help file open as you work

External Image

You will need a list of Student Names to start the process, You can simply use first names and Last Initials, simple as possible is best here.

External Image

Here you have to make your first decision...

(1) If you used storia extensively last year and generated reading list and did not change grade levels

I would use the existing class and just add new names.

(2) If you changed grade levels and have extensive lists for the old grade level I would erase the old class

and create a brand new class at you current grade level.

(3) If you did not create extensive lists but changed grade levels then you can just edit the existing grade

then add new students.

See screen below to decide where to click

External Image

I clicked on view to just add new names to my current class names vcore.

Then I clicked on Add Students to get the screen below.

External Image

This is the easiest part, Just add your kids names or Nick names or their AR Login if you like

External Image

After you click save it brings you here, to generate the class instruction sheets.

External Image

In firefox the PDF File is Created and Stored under the now green down arrow. Click on it

then double click on the file to open the PDF so it can be printed.

External Image

The PDF Look Like this except it will have many more rows depending on the number of kids in your class.

The Passwords are generated by the system and can only be regenerated at random

so I can not set all the passwords to the same word like I did last year,


External Image

Once the classes are built the class page shows the information below.

External Image

Now for the Student Side of the System

External Image

The Kids have to pick their names from the list

External Image

We have very little control over passwords in this new version.

External Image

This is the students favorite part, but they can only do it once from their own screen. The teacher can change the avatar

by click on the student setting button from the classes screen, if they need to change it up.

External Image

Please have fun with Storia, send home the log in information, encourage parents to check it out with student and their siblings.

We are trying to put hundreds of books in every child's home with this program. It can be a family oriented program not just a homework assignment for the kids.

While the program will track login time, I am not at all concerned if the child with the account is not the only one logging in at home to use the program.

Have Fun with it.

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