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These are the Instructions for setting Up Voice Mail for the First Time

Setting Up Your Voice Mail

Please print this email out before you set up your voice mail. Fill in all of the Blanks for step 4 before you call the voice mail attendant This process must be done from "your" classroom phone. (if you share a phone please email the help desk for special instructions)

These are the steps to setting up your voice mail box for the first time. This will take about 5 minutes to do, but give yourself 10 !

1) Call the automated voice mail attendant at 8989 (no code required)

2) Write down your extension number here ___________________ (the attendant will give you your number so be ready)

3) enter the pass code provided to you by Tech Support (call 2090 for the help desk).

4) Listen to the instructions, it will ask you to do 3 things (a) pick a new pass code please write it here first _________________________ (six digits)

(b) record your name (Mr. Smith or Bill Smith or William Smith) Think about it, Write it out Here ________________________________

(c) record your outgoing message, For consistency across the District please use the following out going message.


You have reached the voice mailbox of ______________________________. Please leave me a brief message and your telephone number. I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you

5) Press 1 and start the process

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