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State Reporting : Staff Student Course data

Understanding Data transfers from PowerSchool to NYSED TAA Site

Schools report information from their Student Information Systems (SIS) to the State through an organization called Data Warehouse. Data warehouse was originally a data base constructed at Erie 1 BOCES. It has evolved over the years but the primary data collection process and the bulk of the data was laid out years ago.

The process involves a wide variety of DATA. Starting with Student Lite Extract the demographic data is extracted by exporting a group of Student Data Fields, including Name, Student ID and School. This is the bases for all other data going to the state.

Recently the state started collecting Teacher data Staff Snapshot . Including Name, State ID, Hire date, Tenure Date, primary school building, No other information is sent to the state from our systems. They also collect Principal Data by connecting Teacher record to a Building Principal Record, Staff Assignment export.

This year they began to collect all course data, Courses Extract. We send up the course name and Number from our system and we provide a translation to a common state course name. for example we have a course Integrated Algebra, this is linked to state course number for Algebra Math.

We export our attendance codes in an extract called Attendance Codes with meanings "Present", "Absent", "Tardy" We also export our bell schedule and marking period data, Location Marking Period extract.

Finally we export a file called the Staff Student Course extract file. This record has 1 record for nearly every class that shows up on a students report card. In common Language it might look like ...


Johnny Smith, Enrolled on 9/3/2014 at Albion High School, Takes Regents English With Mrs. Jones until 6/30/2015 For 80 Minutes Per day for 180 Days, he has been present in this class for 90% of the instructional minutes


The actual file is just a slew of codes and numbers. If one knows what the codes are one can decode the data and put it into a format that can be easily checked.




The purpose of this level of data collection is to prevent students from falling through the cracks. A Student can not be removed from our records unless we have verification that they are continuing their education some place else. Other wise Albion could Claim the Jimmy NoShow moved to Medina, and did not drop out of school while attending Albion. (Never happened here on my watch but one could see how drop out rates could be hidden from the public.

All of this data must be collected and uploaded from a local data base (Power School) to A State Data Base (SIRS).

Moving Millions of records every month must be coordinated, the RICs (Regional Information Centers) are responsible.

The process is shown graphically in the diagram below for attendance and Minutes of Instruction. This data lags by at least 1 week.

External Image

Complete List of APPR related Exports APPR State Data Collection

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