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Beds Day Data

Link to TAA (Teacher Access and Authorization) Site (Right Click and Select Open in a New Tab)

Be Prepared it may ask you to change your password before it moves on.

If you can not remember your login username it will ask you for your Teach ID, we can provide that. There is little else we can do to help you login. If you are new to loging in you will get a letter from Debbie Schomske with a code and instructions to build the account.

External Image

On to Phase two, Click on the Blue ePMF button at the bottom of the page.

External Image

The top of the form should have your information in it. The Middle Portion has pull downs you need to do.

External Image

In the bottom section there is a salary box. You can fill it in with the information from your copy of the salary agreement letter, or leave it as is. It will be checked by the district office, after you have finished the process. NOTE putting in $300,000.00 will not actually change your salary.

You will need to select your building or buildings. Then Click on the Add Assignments button to bring up the Add assignment windows.

External Image

If you have checked the assignment code before hand you should be able to enter the code in the Search Box (top right) and bring that line up directly. If you enter a course name it will probably bring up a short list which will include the course you are looking for.

External Image

Once you have found the right code you will use the pull downs and fill boxes to enter the required data. What appears in the pull downs will depend on the assignment code. The number of students are the number of kids you had in the class on October 1, (Beds Day)

Once you have a line complete you have to select the line and click the (((Add Selected Assignment))) button at the top. See next screen down.

External Image

Make a line the selected line click around the Assignment code number and the line will "light up" in blue.

External Image

After clicking the Add Selected Assignment button you will get a message indicating that the assignment was added. You can see a hint of the assignment in the back ground at the bottom of this screen.

You will repeat this process for the rest of your assignments.

Click on the Red X in the upper right side of the pop up windows will close the window and bring you back to the screen showing your assignments in the bottom.

External Image

If you get interrupted in the process or have to check on a code you will click on the (((SAVE))) button in the lower left this will save your work so you can log out and come back to finish later.

External Image

Each time you click (((SAVE))) you will get a message asking if you wish to Logout?

You can click the Logout Button or scroll down to the bottom and click add assignments and continue.

External Image

Once you are certain that all of the assignments are entered. then you should save one more time, then scroll down and click on the (((SUBMIT))) Button.

Once you hit the SUBMIT button you can not go back and make changes.

External Image

If you have questions you should check with your building principal. If you are having trouble logging in you should use the help links on the site. We do not have any access to fix logon problems, this account is between you and the New York State Education Department, we have no access to provide assistance.

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